Cold Weather Excavation

Do not fear frozen ground or snow any longer, our hydrovac trucks are equipped for the cold weather months. Ram Vac hydrovac trucks super heat the water serving our high-pressure nozzle to penetrate the ground frost and cut evenly and deeply through the frozen ground.

Pile Holes and Foundation pads

Strategic holes are required for Piles, Foundation Pads, Post hole and more as these holes can be varying sizes and depths from round to rectangular hydrovac excavation provides a safe alternative to large bucket excavators that usually remove more soil than required. When a hole is excavated by a hydrovac the soil is removed and contained in our hydrovacs large 15 Yard capacity holding tank; by removing the soil you do not need to worry about storing the soil or moving the soil once excavated. Hydro excavated holes allow for a precise hole that is not over dug minimizing backfill or damaging a hidden utility.

Conventional post drilling is done by an auger mounted to a machine or held in place by two people as the hole is being augured; Hydro vac excavation is less labour intensive than conventional digging or post hole auguring.