Utility Locating

Hydro excavation has a lot of functions. One of these functions is to expose Underground Services and Utilities

 Hydro excavation uses water to soften and break up the soil that’s being removed. The soil is then vacuumed up into the debris tank. This lessens the threat of damage to the buried underground services that exists with traditional excavation. The process of hydro excavation in exposing underground services can also be called potholing or daylighting.

 To expose the underground utility services, pressurized water is used to loosen the soil while the extremely powerful vacuum unit sucks the loosened debris into the debris tank.

Hydro excavation is the non-destructive method to reduces the threat of damaging the underground pipes and lines.

Hydro excavation allows for clean quick and complete excavations of the area that needs to be dug up. Hydro excavated areas are easier to repair and replace as the Hydro excavation only removes the demanded volume of soil with minimal disruption to the surrounding areas.